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Summary of VBS/VBSWG.Z@mm
Discovered: 1 May 2001
Infection Method:Infected e-mail attachments
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Brief description
Technical description

Brief Description
VBS/VBSWG.Z@mm is an encrypted e-mail worm, a variant of VBS/VBSWG.A@mm

Technical Description
VBSWG.Z worm spreads messages that look as follows:

    Subject:    Mawanella
    Body:       Mawanella is one of the Sri Lanka's Muslim Village
    Attachment: Mawanella.vbs
When the attached file is executed, the worm mass mails itself to each recipient in every address book and shows the following message:

    Mawanella is one of the Sri Lanka's Muslim Village.
    This brutal incident happened here 2 Muslim Mosques & 100 Shops are burnt.
    I hat this incident, What about you? I can destroy your computer
    I didn't do that because I am a peace-loving citizen.

[Analysis: Katrin Tocheva and Sami Rautiainen, F-Secure; May 2001]

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