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Summary of W32/Downloader.AYEV
Discovered: 21 Jan 2007
Definition files: 21 Dec 2006
Risk Level: Medium
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Brief description
Technical description
Removal Instructions

Brief Description
W32/Downloader.AYEV is a Trojan that downloads and executes code from the Internet. It sends e-mails to harvested e-mail addresses from the infected computer. The e-mails contain a copy of the Trojan as an attachment.

Technical Description
Upon first execution it copies itself to %SYSDIR%\alsys.exe.

Adds the value:


to the following registry keys:


to make sure it is executed at startup.

It drops a random named executable file in the directory it is run from. The dropped file is detected as W32/Downloader.AYEU.

It disables the Windows firewall and some security related processes.

Harvests e-mail addresses from the infected system and send sends e-mail to them with the following characteristics.

From address is spoofed.

Subject is chosen from a long hardcoded list containing such subjects as:

The Dance of Love
I Believe
A Romantic Place
Steamy Dream

The body of the message is empty

Attached is a copy of the Trojan named one of the following:

Flash Postcard.exe
flash postcard.exe
greeting postcard.exe
Greeting Postcard.exe
greeting card.exe
Greeting Card.exe

Removal Instructions
For general removal instructions please click here.

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