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Summary of JS/Coolnow.A@mm
Alias:JS/Exploit-Messenger, JS_MENGER
Discovered: 14 Feb 2002
Definition files: 14 Feb 2002
Risk Level: Low
Infection Method:MSN Messenger
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Brief description

Brief Description

A new worm called JS/Coolnow has started spreading through the MSN messenger service from Microsoft. This worm is coded in JavaScript and utilises a known security flaw in Internet Explorer to infect through MSN Messenger. Microsoft has already published a patch for this security flaw and information on how to fix this flaw can be found here:

The worm spreads through MSN Messenger by sending a link to a web page to every contact in an infected users contact list. The worm is hosted on several web pages but they all have a malicious JavaScript embedded that opens MSN Messenger program and sends that URL to all contacts on the contact list.

This worm has no other known damaging payload.

JS/Coolnow.A@mm and its variants are detected by F-Prot Antivirus™ using virus signature files since February 14th or later.

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