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Summary of JS/Clipboard.IE.exploit
Discovered: 12 Jan 2002
Risk Level: Medium
Infection Method:This vulnerability is exploited through a JavaScript.
Payload: A malicious user can access and retrieve the content of the user clipboard
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Technical description
Removal Instructions

Technical Description
The IE Clipboard content stealing vulnerability was addressed early in Januar 2002. Not a vulnerability as such, but can lead to an information leak under certain circumstances and therefore poses as a security risk to end user by allowing the content of the user clipboard to be copied and stored while viewing a website. We have seen recently active application of this vulnerability, where websites retrieve and log the content of the users clipboard. F-Prot now detects malicious files using this vulnerability as JS/Clipboard.IE.exploit.

Removal Instructions
A work-around for users using Internet Explorer 5.0 < , is to disable or set-to-prompt the option of "Allow paste operation via script", which is accessible through | Tools \ Internet Options \ Security \ Internet security zone \ Custom Level \ Scripting \ Allow paste operations via script |

Sindri Bjarnason - virus analyst, FRISK Software Int.

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