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Summary of W32/Benjamin.A@mm
Alias:Worm.Kazaa.Benjamin, Kazaa worm, Benjamin
Discovered: 20 Apr 2002
Infection Method:Via Kazaa file sharing software
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Brief description
Technical description

Brief Description
The Benjamin worm uses KaZaa P2P (peer-to-peer) network to spread. The KaZaa network allows its participants to exchange files with each other, using the special client software.

Technical Description
The worm is written in Borland Delphi and is about 216 kilobytes long. The worm's file is compressed with ASPack file compressor. Besides the worm uses a decoy - it appends random data to its end that increases its size 2-3 times.

When the worm's file is started, it shows a fake error message:


 Access error #03A:94574: Invalid pointer operation
 File possibly corrupted.
Then it copies itself into Windows System directory as EXPLORER.SCR and creates two keys in the System Registry:


This way the worm makes sure that it is always run when Windows is started.

The worm spreads only from and to computers where KaZaa network clients are installed. The worm reads the settings of the KaZaa client from the System Registry, creates the directory named \Sys32\ in Windows Temp folder and makes this directory visible to all clients of Kazaa network.

The worm then fills this directory with its copies with various names which are taken from the list inside the worm's body. The list contains numerous titles of pupular software, movies, games and music, and some commonly used search words. For example this is only the part of the list with titles starting with 'A' letter:

      A.I-Artificial Intelligence- divx -full-downloader
      A.I-Artificial Intelligence- Filme -full-downloader
      Adobe InDesign 2.0 Build 416 -full-downloader
      Adobe Pagemaker -full-downloader
      Adobe Photoshop 6.0 -full-downloader
      Adobe Photoshop update (6.1) -full-downloader
      Adress Genie 4.0-full-downloader
      After Dark Deluxe-Bildschirmschoner-full-downloader
      Age of Empires 2- Games -full-downloader
      Age of Empires 2 Gold +Strat.Comm.-Games-full-downloader
      Age of Empires 2 Gold +Strat.Comm.-Spiel-full-downloader
      Age of Empires 2-Spiel-full-downloader
      Age of Empires Screensaver
      Age of Empires-Games-full-downloader
      Age of Empires-spiel-full-downloader
      Age of Mythology - Games -full-downloader
      Age of Mythology (Beta) -full-downloader
      Age of Mythology-installer
      Age of Wonders II The Wizard#39s-installer
      Airxonix -full-downloader
      Alarm Stufe Rot 2  -full-downloader
      Alarm Stufe Rot 2 Yuris Rache -full-downloader
      Alfred Hitchcock - The Final Cut - Games -full-downloader
      Alien vs. Predoator 2-Games-full-downloader
      Alien vs. Predoator 2-Spiel-full-downloader
      Aliens versus Predator 2 -full-downloader
      Aliens Versus Predator 2-installer
      Aliens versus Predator -full-downloader
      All Serials
      All Serialz
      Almost Famous-Komödie-Filme-full-downloader
      American McGee#39s Alice-Games-full-downloader
      American McGee#39s Alice-spiel-full-downloader
      American Pie 2 -divx-full-downloader
      American Pie 2- Filme -full-downloader
      American Pie 2-divx-full-downloader
      American Pie -divx-full-downloader
      Anarchy Online-Games-full-downloader
      Anarchy Online-Spiel-full-downloader
      Anno 1503 (Beta) -full-downloader
      Anno 1503- Games -full-downloader
      Anno 1503-Spiel-full-downloader
      Anno 1602 Königs Edition Classic- Games -full-downloader
      Anno 1602 Königs Edition Classic-Spiel-full-downloader
      Anstoss 3 -full-downloader
      Anti Hacker-Program 2002-full-downloader
      Aquanox -full-downloader
      ARX Fatalis-installer
      Asheron#39s Call 2-installer
      Assessment Center-full-downloader
The worm spreads the following way: a KaZaa network user searches for any file (for example the file that has 'game' string in its file name) in the KaZaa network and finds it on the list of accessible files from an infected computer. He downloads this file and starts it, thus infecting his own machine.

The worm opens Web-site to view an advertisement.


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