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Product: F-PROT Antivirus for Windows
Version: 3

Please note that version 6 of F-PROT Antivirus for Windows has been released. We recommend that all Home, Corporate and Mail Server users of version 3 of F-PROT Antivirus for Windows upgrade their program to the newest version as soon as possible.

Is it possible to run F-PROT Antivirus as a service?

F-PROT Antivirus cannot be run as a service in the current version.

However you can run F-PROT for Windows (OnDemand Scanner) and the Updater in Windows Scheduler/Scheduled Tasks using the command line information below.

Command Line options for F-PROT for Windows (FP-Win) Functionality:

There are two ways of starting FP-Win from command line. First there is /NORMAL. Normal scan means that the scanner starts in normal mode and will scan the given path or alias. Second is /ADVANCED. Advanced means that the scanner starts in advanced mode and will scan a given profile.

Running the program:

From command prompt start by writing the name of the executable [fp-win.exe] then select the scanning mode you want the scanner to start in [/NORMAL= or /ADVANCED=]. Depending on what mode you have selected you can use various combinations of command parameters as follows:

FP-Win.exe /MODE=mode command line [Parameters]
[/EXT | /TYPE | /DUMB]

[/REPORT=report file name]
FP-Win.exe /NORMAL=[11914] - Scan Hard drives
FP-Win.exe /NORMAL=c:\windows - Scan a path
FP-Win.exe /NORMAL=c: - Scan a drive
FP-Win.exe /NORMAL=c: d: e: - Scan multiple drives
FP-Win.exe /NORMAL=c:\ - Scan a file

FP-Win.exe /ADVANCED=Default - Scan according to 'Default' profile
FP-Win.exe /ADVANCED=Hard Drives - Scan according to 'Hard Drives' profile
Parameters for ALL modes
/COLLECT - Scan a virus collection.
/QUIT - Program will quit after scanning.
/REPORT= - Sets the report file path and name.
/APPEND - Set the report file attribute to append to file.
/OVERWRITE - Set the report file attribute to overwrite file.
/LIST - Report file will report all scanned files.
/BRIEF - Report file will report only infected files
[11913] - Scan Floppy drives
[11914] - Scan Hard drives
[11915] - Scan all local drives [Floppy, CD, Hard]
[11917] - Scan Net drives
[11999] - Scan CD-ROM drives
Parameters for NORMAL MODE ONLY
/SUB - Scans subdirectories.
/NOSUB - Doesn't scan subdirectories.
/BOOT - Scans boot sectors.
/NOBOOT - Doesn't scan boot sectors.
/HEUR - Uses heuristic scanning of files.
/NOHEUR - Doesn't use heuristic scanning of files.
/AI - Uses Neural network heuristic scanning of files.
/NOAI - Doesn't use neural network heuristic scanning of files.
/PACKED - Scans packed files.
/NOPACKED - Doesn't scan packed files.
/ARCHIVE - Scans inside archives (.ZIP and .ARJ files).
/NOARCHIVE - Doesn't scan inside archives.
/EXT - Scans files only after extensions
/TYPE - Scans files after extensions and scans document files regardless of their extensions.
/DUMB - Scans all files regardless of their extensions.
/AUTO - The program will not prompt the user for confirmation about action regarding disinfection, renaming, deleting or moving of infected files.
/MANUAL - The program will ask for confirmation from the user for actions.
/REPORTONLY - Does nothing with infected file, only report them.
/DISINF - Tries disinfection of an infected file.
/DELETE - Deletes infected files.
/RENAME - Renames infected files.
/NEVER - Never disinfect by removing all macros from a document.
/REMOVENEW - Remove all macros when a new or modified virus is found.
/SAFEREMOVE - Remove all macros when a known virus is found.
/DISIFNREP - When disinfection fails, only report.
/DISINFDEL - When disinfection fails, delete the file.
/DISINFREN - When disinfection fails, rename the file.
/DISINFMOV= - When disinfection fails, move the file to given path.
InstallShield Command lines:
/AUTO - Runs the setup without user input. Note: If an error is caused that displays a dialog box then the user must press the OK button to continue.
/HIDDEN - Does not display anything while installing. Note: This option automatically turns on the /AUTO option.
/NOHOOKSHELL - Indicates that InstallShield should not hook file extensions in Windows Explorer.
/ - Import custom registry settings.
/ - Export custom registry settings.
/ - Import custom registry settings from standart Windows .REG file.
/INSTALLDIR= - Allows selection of install Program Folder.
/INSTALLMENU= - Allows selection of install Start Menu Folder.
/NORUN - Doesn't run programs at the end of the installation except FSTOPW
/VDEFS= - Indicates where the virus definition files are located.
/INSTALL= - Available types of installation:



Command line options for F-PROT Antivirus Updater (Updater.exe)

Command line:
/RUN : Start a update with given arguments
/QUIT : Quit after update.
/LAN : Use local area network
/INTERNET : Use the internet
/HIDDEN : Hide the user interface!!!
Command line behavior
/RUN - Starts update with given settings.
/QUIT [/RUN + /QUIT] - Starts update with given settings and quit after the update is done.
/LAN - Set update path to use Local Area Network or a path
/INTERNET - Set update path to use the Internet

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F-PROT Antivirus
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F-PROT Antivirus
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