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Product: F-PROT Antivirus for Windows
Version: 3

Please note that version 6 of F-PROT Antivirus for Windows has been released. We recommend that all Home, Corporate and Mail Server users of version 3 of F-PROT Antivirus for Windows upgrade their program to the newest version as soon as possible.

Uninstalling version 3 of F-PROT Antivirus using an automatic removal tool

This tool will automatically uninstall version 3 of F-PROT Antivirus from your system.


  1. Download the Automatic Uninstaller from here: A save as window appears, save the file to your Desktop.
    We recommend that you close any running applications and save your work before proceeding.
  2. Double-click on the program icon on the desktop (fpav3ex). You may see a command line window flash on the screen, this process does not take a long time.
  3. REBOOT. F-PROT 3 should now be completely removed.

The tool will:

  • Attempt to locate the installation folder for F-PROT for Windows v3 and quit if it can't. If it can't find it in the registry it tries to find it inside %ProgramFiles%.
  • unregister the shell extension
  • locate and remove the FStopW.sys driver
  • locate and remove the update scheduler service
  • try to find running instances of FPAV3 programs (e.g. the tray icons) and kill them
  • remove several registry keys used only by FPAV3
  • auto-run registry entries for FPAV3
  • attempt to kill remaining FPAV3 processes that couldn't be killed earlier
  • search for and remove any and all shortcuts that point into the FPAV3 program root from: Quicklaunch, Startup folder, Start menu -> Program, and the Desktop folder (both for the current user and "All Users")
  • remove those directories it left behind empty (where it deleted shortcuts)
  • remove all files from the program root or schedule them for removal upon reboot if the normal removal fails
  • remove the InstallShield database left behind by the InstallShield (un)installer
  • (optionally) delete itself upon reboot

Tested with the English, Icelandic and German versions 3.16f (German: 5.16) on Windows XP. Should work flawlessly with Windows 2000 or later (see prerequisites below).


  • Windows 2000 or later. No support for Windows 9x/ME at the moment (feedback appreciated regarding this!).
  • Administrator privileges

fpav3ex.exe MD5: 62aad7eee1c7c4a118f24807121896e7

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F-PROT Antivirus
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F-PROT Antivirus
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- for Exchange
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