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fp-qmail - Qmail plugin for F-PROT Antivirus Mail Scanner






fp-qmail is a plugin for Qmail that allows the user to scan messages passing through a Qmail mailsystem with the F-PROT Antivirus Mail Scanner. fp-qmail uses the same interface of receiving messages and envelope information as the qmail-queue(8)
utility in the Qmail distribution.
To achieve in-transit scanning of mail messages in Qmail you must rename the qmail-queue application to qmail-queue.orig , and put fp-qmail in its place with the same name and file permissions as the original qmail-queue. Usually this means setting qmailq as the file's owner and qmail as the file's group.
The fp-qmail utility depends on the F-PROT Antivirus Mail Scanner ( ) listening in server mode on port 11200. For more information on F-PROT Antivirus Mail Scanner and its server mode, refer to the
manual page.
The fp-qmail utility will make a copy of each message in /tmp with the name /tmp/fi<pid>.<random>. It will then create another file called /tmp/fo<pid>.<random> and then contact the Mail Scanner and supply it with both filenames. When the Mail Scanner replies that it has finished, fp-qmail will execute qmail-queue.orig and supply it with a clean message and the envelope information handed to fp-qmail.



Here are the instructions for moving qmail-queue and putting fp-qmail in its place:

    # cd /var/qmail/bin
    # mv qmail-queue qmail-queue.orig
    # cp /opt/f-prot/mailtools/fp-qmail ./qmail-queue
    # chown qmailq.qmail qmail-queue
    # chmod 4711 qmail-queue



Since fp-qmail (now renamed as qmail-queue) is executed for each incoming mail, the startup penalty can be significant for busy mailservers. To reduce overhead fp-qmail will first check the environment variable FP_QMAIL_LOGLEVEL to determine the amount of information to write to the system logs. Only if that variable is undefined in the environment will fp-qmail search for it in the configuration file /etc/f-prot.conf. Note that /etc/f-prot.conf is sh compatible and can thus be "sourced" by the environment that runs qmail, making it unnecessary for fp-qmail to parse the file itself upon each startup. See /etc/f-prot.conf and your systems manual page for syslog for more information on log levels.



For information about Licensing, see the LICENSE file that comes with F-PROT Antivirus.



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