Regarding Magic Lantern.

Recently news about a potential virus and password stealer made by the FBI became public. Although it is still no more than a rumor many of our customers have been asking about FRISK Software International's stand in regard to detection and disinfection of such new programs.

Our answer is that we will detect any program that we consider to be a security risk, regardless of who the author is and what the intended purpose of the program is.

If Magic Lantern actually exists, capable of spreading across the Internet, there is a good chance it can enter a computer system of persons that are not direct subjects of an authorized criminal investigation. We will therefore consider the program a security risk and add detection of it. That is, provided that we are able to obtain a copy of it, which we have so far not been able to do.

A part of the threat that a program such as Magic Lantern poses to computer security, whether created by a law-enforcement agency or hackers, is that the program is open to modifications by people with bizarre intentions. It is therefore vital that companies in the security sector are able to detect such programs and all their possible variants. There is also no reason for denying detections of a Trojan to our loyal customers all over the world, on the grounds that a particular Trojan is made by a single country's local law-enforcement agency.

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