The F-Prot Antivirus tips list

18 July 2006

F-Prot Antivirus is designed for the easy maintainence of your system's health and security while being extremely light on your system's resources. There are also a few things that you can do to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of F-Prot Antivirus.

F-Prot Antivirus tips list:

  • In order to maintain your system's protection against all new and emerging threats it is imperative that you keep the F-Prot Antivirus signature files up-to-date. The simplest and most secure way to do this is to have F-Prot Antivirus automatically check for updates at pre-defined intervals. Obsolete virus signature files do not necessarily provide protection against all threats.

    (Users of F-Prot Antivirus for Windows can use the Scheduler to set this function while users of F-Prot Antivirus for Unix based platforms can create a cron job that uses the script to check for new virus signature updates).

  • As most users set F-Prot Antivirus to check for and download new virus signature files on the hour (e.g. 9:00 or 16:00) you can avoid the heaviest download traffic and optimize your download speed by setting the Updater starting time to any number of minutes past the hour (e.g. 9:17 or 15:33).

  • By signing up for the F-Prot Antivirus Alerts Service you will receive notification via e-mail whenever new virus signature files are released. You can also sign up to receive notification whenever a major new virus threat emerges or whenever new versions of F-Prot Antivirus are released.

Commtouch® is a leading developer of anti virus software and anti spam filtering services. Commtouch's anti virus computer software, F-PROT Antivirus, is available for a number of operating systems such as Windows, Linux, BSD, Solaris, and AIX as well as the Microsoft Exchange groupware.

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