F-PROT Antivirus Version 3 for Windows 98/ME

15 June 2007

Due to diminishing support from Microsoft for Windows 98/ME, FRISK Software will only support the Windows 98/ME platform for a few more months and will discontinue support completely sometime later this year. This is slightly ahead of the previously announced schedule.

To work around limitations we have encountered in Windows 98/ME, FRISK Software has released a hotfix for version 3 of F-PROT Antivirus on Windows 98/ME.

This hotfix specifically fixes new issues with realtime, on-access scanning in Windows 98/ME.

The hotfix will upgrade the RealTime Protector driver from version 3.16f or 3.16f2 to 3.16g.

Installation Instructions:
To install, download the file linked to from the bottom of this page. Then run the installation and follow the instructions given. If you don't have the proper product (version 3.16f,3.16f2) installed, the installer will complain and quit. If you have already applied the hotfix there is no problem applying it again.

During the installation you will be prompted for your Customer Number, which is required to proceed. Furthermore you will be prompted to stop the RealTime Protector and the Updater before the actual copying of the files takes place. Please follow the instructions.

Important notice:
Support for older versions of FPAV 3.x (prior to 3.16f) for Windows, as well as support for Windows 95, has been discontinued. We don't provide this hotfix to these customers. Our advice is to update to the latest patch/version available. In case you have any further questions or problems, please don't hesitate to contact Technical Support.


Please see also, Life cycle policy for F-PROT Antivirus for Windows

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