Large number of legitimate e-mails blocked by U.S. Internet Service Provider Verizon

26 January 2005

Our sales and support departments have recently been receiving a number of complaints regarding the non-arrival of e-mails, including purchase confirmaton e-mails, sent by FRISK Software. In reaction to the increasingly large amounts of spam clogging up e-mail users' inboxes, it appears that some Internet Service Providers have taken to desperate measures. Unusually strict e-mail filtering policies have recently been installed by some ISP's, in particular the U.S. ISP Verizon, resulting in a large number of legitimate e-mail being blocked, in some cases this includes e-mail sent by FRISK Software.

This has been causing some our customers considerable difficulty, particularly when new customers do not receive their customer numbers and are therefore unable to download their copy of F-Prot Antivirus. As FRISK Software has no control over such policies it is imperative that users ensure that e-mail sent by FRISK Software, from the domain of, is not blocked by over-zealous e-mail filtering policies.

If you have recently purchased F-Prot Antivirus but have not received a confirmation e-mail with your customer number, please make sure that e-mail from the domain of is not blocked by any active e-mail filtering policies, including those operated by your Internet Service Provider. You may need to contact your ISP and request that e-mail from the domain of be whitelisted.

For sensible and effective antivirus and antispam e-mail filtering consider the F-Prot AVES Managed Online E-mail Security Service.

Commtouch® is a leading developer of anti virus software and anti spam filtering services. Commtouch's anti virus computer software, F-PROT Antivirus, is available for a number of operating systems such as Windows, Linux, BSD, Solaris, and AIX as well as the Microsoft Exchange groupware.

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