warnings are hoaxes

4 September 2003

Warnings have been circulating on the Internet and via e-mail recently regarding a sophisticated virus that reportedly spreads through MSN Messenger Service.

Users are being warned not to accept a contact by the name of into their MSN Messenger Service contact lists.

The wording appears in different variations on the following:

do not, i repeat do not add someone, or accept the adding of you by someone named it's a sophisticated virus that will take down your folders and take over your hardisk, and spread itself further via your comp. and it's msn.. you do NOT want this on your comp.

These warnings are hoaxes. Please ignore them and do not pass them on.

Hoax warnings such as this often encourage their recipients to pass on the warning to as many people as possible. This is usually a strong indication that the warning is a hoax, particularly if the warning is not accompanied by a link to an antivirus software company site that confirms the existence of the virus and details its characteristics.

Although this particular virus warning is a hoax it is possible to use MSN Messenger Service for distribution of spam e-mails and viruses frequently spread via e-mail.

We would therefore like to encourage users who do not have antivirus software installed to do so immediately and to be careful to update both the software and the signature files frequently. We would also like to advise all users not to open unknown or suspicious e-mails, or their attachments, and to exercise caution when accepting contacts into their MSN Messenger Service contact lists.

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