F-Prot AVES, an e-mail filtering service

The risk involved in using e-mail has increased greatly in recent years. This is due to the rapid proliferation of e-mail borne security threats, such as worms, Trojans, viruses, and other malicious programs.

These security threats have the ability to spread with lightning speed across computer systems, cutting the time for system administrator to update the local antivirus program to almost nothing. This great increase in fast spreading security threats also means that system administrators spend more time updating virus signature files and being on the lookout for oncoming threats than keeping the computer system up and running.

To tackle this constantly growing problem, FRISK Software has begun to offer a simple and preventive solution for companies, organizations and institutions, an e-mail filtering service called F-Prot AVES, run and maintained by our computer security specialists.

Please contact us at aves@f-prot.com if your require more information on F-Prot AVES.

This image demonstrates the route of a filtered message

The filtering of e-mail takes place on F-Prot AVES servers, strategically placed in different geographical locations, to ensure that downtime of the F-Prot AVES service is a highly unlikely scenario. Because the filtering is done on special F-Prot AVES servers, an infected message never enters your computer system. It is instead disinfected remotely and then a harmless copy is forwarded to your computer system.

The F-Prot AVES not only scans e-mail for virus related threats, but also for other possible security threats embedded in an e-mail message. That includes attempts to abuse known security holes in certain e-mail clients, malicious HTML and javascript code and other similar threats.

F-Prot AVES offers three different service packages:

SecureFirst: Is the basic e-mail filtering package, filtering all messages to the clients domain and disinfecting infected messages, if possible. If disinfection proves impossible the message is stopped and announcements sent both to the sender and the recipient of the message.


This package offers more control for system administrators over how incoming e-mail is filtered. They have access to a web interface for setting access controls for individual users and modify filtering policies for each user. If disinfections fail under SecureActive the message is quarantined and the recipient can access information on the message, the type of threat it is believed to contain and even get the message sent, provided the user has the appropriate access.


This package includes all the options of SecureFirst and SecureActive but integrates an e-mail backup solution with the e-mail filtering service. A secure backup is made of all incoming e-mail and stored on a secure backup server. With a secure backup you e-mail is protect outside your computer system, protecting your e-mail against any kind of damage, such as hardware or software failure.

Please contact us at FRISK Software by e-mail at aves@f-prot.com to give your system administrator something else to do than being on the lookout for virus threats.

Commtouch® is a leading developer of anti virus software and anti spam filtering services. Commtouch's anti virus computer software, F-PROT Antivirus, is available for a number of operating systems such as Windows, Linux, BSD, Solaris, and AIX as well as the Microsoft Exchange groupware.

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